Bejaland Rules

These rules are general. So it is valid on Discord and Minecraft server.

  1. The player is obliged to take care of his own security of his account. is under no obligation to protect it.
  2. The player must observe good behavior, which means not to spam, threaten, be vulgar or start arguments or provoke players.
  3. Player must comply with Discord's TOS: guidelines , terms.
  4. Player must comply with Mojang AB's EULA: EULA.
  5. It is forbidden to spread or create advertising in any way on the server for your own benefit or that of someone else. It also applies in private messages, /msg or /tell.
  6. The player is obliged to report any error on the Minecraft Server/Discord/Website. He must not use it for his own benefit or for someone else's. If the player finds an error, he is obliged to report it to the server management.
  7. The player must not make the game easier for himself (Cheat client, Resource pack [Minimap is only allowed in the own world on the server])
  8. It is forbidden to distribute some personal data (IP address, Name, Surname, Residence, etc.)
  9. If a player has been banned, he is not entitled to a refund or his winnings.
  10. it is forbidden to play on the server with multiple accounts.
  11. The player may not bypass the ban.
  12. A player must not induce another player to break the rules or spoil the game for other players.
  13. A player must not kill other players for his own benefit (Loot, Stats)
  14. The player must not share or spread any pornographic content, even in private chats.
  15. Bullying, xenophobia, racism, discrimination are strictly prohibited
  16. The player may not destroy other people's buildings or steal. It applies even if there is no Residence.
  17. /tpa must not harm the player.
  18. It is forbidden to impersonate a foreign player or Admin Team.
  19. When a player is kicked out of the Residence, the player has the right to have his belongings returned.
  20. It is forbidden to team up with the enemy during the minigame.
  21. It is forbidden to deliberately increase statistics, for example spam-kill.
  22. and its Admin team can assess each case individually.
  23. A member of the Admin team can fire, ban, silence players for an indefinite or a certain period of time at his discretion.
  24. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse