We are a minecraft server that allows you to play on any device. We offer you Survival, but also Minigames

Why the Bejaland?


A friendly community that won't let you down

Play anywhere

With us you can play wherever you want and on whatever you want. It doesn't matter if you're on vacation by the sea and you only have a mobile phone.

Friendly Staff.

A staff team that will always help you with everything you need.

We offer


Play with your friends and create your kingdom

Own survival world

Be the master of your own world.
Without limits.


Protect your bed and destroy
the enemy beds.

Block Party

Stand on the colored block that is announced before the time runs out,or else you will be ELIMINATED!

Bomb Lobbers

Fight against your enemies using the power of explosives! Throw a TNT at your enemy. Last team alive wins!

Mini Walls

Protect your team Mini Wither and kill other players to win. You can respawn as long as your Mini Wither is alive!

Party Games

A collection of 8 random Mini-Games. Earn stars/points in each game to be the final winner


Shoot the enemy before they shoot you!

TnT Tag

Avoid players with TNT on their heads! if they hit you, try to tag another player before the TNT explodes!


TheLaboratory is a game ran by our local science expert, Dr Zuk! And he needs your help! Zuk has been working on many awesome new exciting inventions, but they're untested.